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Home School Science - Sixth Grade (One Student)

$139.00 $85.00
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Product Description

Kit includes thirteen 6th Grade activities with all materials needed, individually packed for 1 student, lesson plans and worksheets for the “best value” price of $85. All Materials are furnished and separately packaged for each activity.

  1. Scientific Method - Physical Science
    Learn the importance of using the scientific method.

  2. Discovery Scope (Field Trip Microscopes) - Life/Earth Science
    Cooperative Learning Activity - Groups of Two. Use a 10x existing light microscope to view the world of living and non-living things.

  3. Microhabitat - Life Science
    Analyze the visible spectrum. Investigate the characteristics of waves.

  4. Light Waves - Physical/Life Science 
    Investigate the properties of light waves and construct a camera. Identify parts and functions of the eye.

  5. Sound Energy - Physical/Life Science
    Discover the properties of sound waves. Study relationship of sound and structure of the human ear.

  6. Mixtrues and Solutions - Physical Science
    Discover the meaning of the terms: dispersion, emulsifier, stabilizer, and PPM (Parts per Million) through experimentation.

  7. Meteorology - Earth Science
    Construct and experiment with weather instruments to measure atmospheric conditions. Identify different kinds of clouds.

  8. Aerodynamics/Flight - Physical Science
    Determine factors affecting flight. Experiment with Bernoulii's Principle. Construct a kite and an airplane.

  9. Oceanography - Earth Science
    Study ocean floor mapping and currents.

  10. Desalinition - Earth Science
    Construct a model of a solar still to change salt water to fresh water. Awareness of the ecology of fresh water.

  11. Solar Energy/Renewable Resources - Physical/Earth Science
    Develop an understanding of solar thermal energy by constructing a solar cooker.

  12. Genetics and Heredity - Life Science
    Cooperative Learning Activity - Groups of Two. Understand basic genetics. 

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Each Classroom Kit comes with a Teacher's Guide, Student Worksheets and a 25 sets of lab materials for each activity. The Teacher's guides are written in such a way that any instructor, if the lesson plans are followed, is able to teach every lesson on a professional level. 25 copies of the student lesson plans are conveniently provided for each student activity. The kits are designed so that an educator opens the box and can begin teaching.

The Classroom Kits are packaged so that each student receives their own materials to perform the activity's investigation. The lab materials are separated, for each student, to minimize preparation time in the classroom. All kits include the necessary materials to perform the activity. No outside materials (with the exception of water in some activities) are required. The kits even include common classroom materials if the activity requires them such as crayons, pencils, or tape.

The Homeschool Kits contain a teacher manual, student activity worksheets, and lab activities packaged for one student.

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