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Home School Science - First Grade (One Student)

$139.00 $85.00
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Product Description

Kit includes all nine 1rst Grade ctivities with all materials needed, individually packed for 1 student, lesson plans and worksheets for the “best value” price of $85.  All Materials are furnished and packaged for each activity.

1. Classification and Growth of Seeds - Life Science Observe the characteristics and growth of seeds.

2. A Bean is Born - Life Science Observe the structure of a seed. Measure the growth of leaves, stems and roots.

3. Landforms - Earth Science  Build clay models, identify and name landforms as surface features.

4. Camouflage Hide-’n-Seek (Camouflage) - Life Science Color an animal to blend with the environment.

5. Water Cycle - Physical Science - Experiment with water as a liquid and a gas.

6. Whirly Air Mobile - (Wind Energy) - Physical Science Construct a simple detector of air movement. Explore air as a form of energy.

7. Bubbles and Suds (States of Matter) - Physical Science Investigate the characteristics of physical and chemical change by making a mixture that bubbles up and spills over the glass.

8. Leapin’ Shadows (Sundial) - Earth Science Use a sundial and observe the shadow change.

9. Magnetic Strength (Magnetism) - Physical Science Test the force and strength of a magnet.

10. Salt and Sand - Physical Science Test Experiment with dissolving and mixing materials

11. Scent Signals for Mother and Baby (Group Activity) - Life Science Role play how animals find family members through scent.

12. Sounds Signals for Mother and Baby (Group Activity) - Life Science Recognize how animals identify family members through sound.

13. Robins and Worms - Life Science Demonstrate how birds find and gather food.

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Each Classroom Kit comes with a Teacher's Guide, Student Worksheets and a 25 sets of lab materials for each activity. The Teacher's guides are written in such a way that any instructor, if the lesson plans are followed, is able to teach every lesson on a professional level. 25 copies of the student lesson plans are conveniently provided for each student activity. The kits are designed so that an educator opens the box and can begin teaching.

The Classroom Kits are packaged so that each student receives their own materials to perform the activity's investigation. The lab materials are separated, for each student, to minimize preparation time in the classroom. All kits include the necessary materials to perform the activity. No outside materials (with the exception of water in some activities) are required. The kits even include common classroom materials if the activity requires them such as crayons, pencils, or tape.

The Homeschool Kits contain a teacher manual, student activity worksheets, and lab activities packaged for one student.

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